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Jan 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
boost, too. cbs 5 reporter is in san francisco with a look at how the city benefits from the big game, don? >> reporter: that is right. neither team is from new orleans but that does not mean their hometowns are not going to get a hit, a financial hit. the reason may be because the fans just feel so pumped about their team's winning. >> what say super bowl worth to the rest of us? economists who tried to estimate the value come up with big numbers like $435 million for host city, new orleans. another claims people in the hometown of the super bowl contender like san francisco get an income boost of $120 a year in personal income, why? because we feel better about ourselves? >> it is good for the economy. absolutely it is good for the economy. you know, there is a relationship between mood and spending. when people feel good they spend a little bit more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now. very excited right now. >> reporter: there are the obvious things that my off of the shelves here like t-shirts and anything that helps folks identify with the 49ers. an
Jan 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
all over this town. it's the san francisco treat. - all right, i'll check the guy out. i'm on it. i promise. but you, you need to step back, buddy. okay, i was there 12 years ago. it ate you up. you were crippled. you could not leave your room. i won't allow that to happen again. so promise me that you'll think hard, long and hard before you do anything stupid. - i promise. - good. have a good day. - looks good. - what is that? is that a speck? we better make sure. - i need a plate. where are the plates? what have you been doing? - well, we did this fork and this knife. - we've been washing them american style. - what the hell does that mean? what about the potatoes? - oh, yeah. - what did you do? you were just supposed to peel them. they look like dice. - [whispered] american style. - american style. - why do you keep saying that? that doesn't make any sense. - is there a problem here? - no, sir. these are the new dishwashers. monsieur adrian and monsieur samuel. i was just showing them the ropes. - well, they can't be any worse than the two clowns we just fired. well, i stand corr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2